Introducing Fidelity MyVoiceSM to enhance phone security

Participants can now create a "voiceprint" to confirm their identity via phone. Learn more and get the toolkit.

With an eye on increasing both the security and convenience of your employees' phone experience, Fidelity is introducing MyVoice. Participants can enroll by creating a voiceprint. Please read on to learn more, and use the resources to encourage your employees to enroll today.

About MyVoice

Fidelity MyVoice is voice verification: it confirms your employee's identity when when he or she calls us, so they can skip entering PINs and passwords and get things done right away. It's:

•  Seamless: Forget using PINs, passwords, and security questions, which are easy to forget and frustrating to enter. MyVoice uses a "voiceprint" - like a thumb print, unique to each individual - to confirm their identity through natural conversation.

•  Simple: MyVoice lets participants get to the point of their call quickly. Once enrolled, each time they call Fidelity their voice is compared to their voiceprint. Once match is confirmed, their identity will be verified in the first moments of the conversation.

•  Secure: Once a participant provides their consent to create their voiceprint, we create and then securely store it as a digital file, not a recording of their voice. Because a voiceprint is as unique as a fingerprint, it's one of the most secure forms of authentication.

To learn more, check out this 2 minute video to see how MyVoice works.

For even more convenience, Fidelity is also introducing Customer Intent Routing technology to analyze and identify employees' words when describing what they need. This can help them get connected more quickly to a Fidelity phone representative with the skills and expertise to help them.

Encourage employees to create their voiceprint

All participants will be able to enroll in MyVoice by the end of June. Want to help ensure your employees are using one of the most secure technologies when they call? Use the email in the employee toolkit to introduce it to your employees, and encourage them to enroll.

•  Get employee resources

Interested in ways to help increase cyber security? See additional employee resources.

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